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DeMarini Bruiser

The DeMarini Bruiser is one of the most popular softball bats sold by the DeMarini company, who, as of 2000, works in partnership with Wilson Sports Equipment to produce high quality, affordable softball bats. According to DeMarini, this is one of the hottest sellers in the past months, sports a composite barrel with internal rails, and uses aircraft grade materials.

The DeMarini Bruiser has a wider weave, which is designed especially for single wall bats to provide an optimal springboard effect, which is very effective according to numerous online reviews. The internal rails on this bat's handle bring the power center or sweet spot of the bat closer to your handles, which give you the best control and feel. According to reviewers, this feature allows for maximum strength and a very low amount of vibration which as the dual benefit of both creating a smooth swing and giving the player tons of power.
The DeMarini Bruiser also features a hybrid comfort grip which gives the player's hands both comfort and a feeling of total control. Customers have reported what they call 'explosive hits' when using this bat, and both softball hobbyists and more serious athletes have a high level of praise for this product. For the costs, this bat is a great value, and softball bats of similar quality can go for double the price.

There are few negative reviews about the DeMarini bat to be found on online review sites. One consumer was satisfied with his purchase, but noted that the amount of control allowed with this bat was too much for his tastes. This bat is great if you desire a lightweight bat, but if you are after a more traditional feeling piece of equipment, then the DeMarini Bruiser may be too light weight and thin for you. More serious athletes had mixed praise for this bat. Many expressed their satisfaction, but others complained that this bat was standard issue, and better suited for casual players. The general consensus was that this is a great choice for all players, however, and the majority of detractors were players used to using wooden bats, which have a heavier feel and generally have less control.

In the end, whether or not you choose the DeMarini Bruiser comes down to personal preference. The majority of modern players have grown used to the lightweight and control of a metal bat, and if that describes you then you can't go wrong with this product. This is also a great choice for players who are just starting to get into using metal bats, because this product is a great value, and regardless of whether it ends up being your favorite bat, you will still be left with a high quality product at a great cost. If a lightweight, low vibration metal bat that gives superior control is what you're after then you would be hard pressed to find another bat that gives the same value as the DeMarini Bruiser, and the best part is you can find it at almost all online retailers.